General Questions

AT J P Innovations we make sure we have a great sense of understanding of your needs before going on floor designing your website. We take in to account every aspect of your services and the target audience you will be catering to. The backend is designed with utmost precaution; hence J P Innovation is preferred more!
The costing solely depends on the functionality aspects of the website, timelines, external features, out of the box innovation to be added and various other factors.
We follow timelines very seriously and deliver as per the client needs so that their business is never lagging behind.
Yes, our website designing team with their high level of expertise will make sure you get a much more improved page.
A professional web designer/developer knows the nuances of designing the web pages. The free web pages don’t do your business good to the extent a paid one does. Hence getting it done through a paid professional is always advisable
Yes, websites designed by us are extremely mobile friendly and if the clients demand, we can also design lite versions of the sites to be accessible with much more ease on the mobile phones.
Yes, we do. With our vast talent pool that includes content writers, we deliver the best content to be available for your website.
After support is an integral part of JP Innovations and we make sure we are the behest of our clients and customers even after the site is completed.
There are certain fonts that are either unavailable for use on the website/web pages or they provide undesired results once the site is live; hence to make sure the customers get the best in class experience we provide with the fonts best suitable for the pages.
A shopping cart or a shopping website needs to be extremely secure as there is online transaction of money is involved. A little slip up at the back end can cause a massive problem for the end user. It has to be designed with extreme precautions so that the transactions are safe and secure and no scams crop up. Hence, a shopping cart is usually more expensive than a regular website.
Basis the client brief we work on a plan and after weighing in the different aspects to be included in the shopping cart and also after doing a proper check on the security we list down the time to be taken in designing the shopping cart.
A shopping cart involves different sections. It varies from website to website. There are sections for men, women, children that are further divided into sections for dresses, jeans and so on. For a website that caters to all round shopping it will multiple categories. Apart from that the payment functionality is extremely important in the shopping websites.
Once the contract is signed, we set up meetings with the different teams and take down the briefs basis which we start our plans for designing the website.
Online hosting in layman’s language is plainly making the website accessible to the users of the World Wide Web or plainly put anyone who uses the internet. A domain name is the name by which your website is registered and is identified with.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. We make your content search engine friendly.We optimise it with factors which, the search engine tends to understand faster and more accurately.
It depends on the content of your website. Usually the site where visitors tend to stay for long time gets the good google ranking.So usually it takes 3 months continuos effort to get listing on google search engine.
No we can't guarantee the results as the ranking is not controlled at our end. But we can assure you that after 6 months of continous SEO, your website will rank better than the current google rank. For faster results we can suggest you SEM, for any specific keyword.
As we said we can't make assurance about ranking of your website but can suggest you SEM. Getting top ranking for consultants is bit hard as it is a high value generic keyword, but if you want to get ranking for this keyword then we can plan a good paid marketing in google branding.


SMO stands for Social Media Optimisation. In SMO we create and manage your brand social media pages.
It depends on the content of your page. Usually the page where visitors tend to like / follow the content gets the highest popularity. So usually it takes 3 months continuos effort to get follower on social media platform.
No we can't guarantee the results as the popularity is not controlled at our end. But we can assure you that after 6 months of continous SMO your page will have more number of followers / likes. For faster results we can suggest you SMM, for any specific tenure.
As we said we can't make assurance about popularity of your page but we can suggest you better paid strategies.