Own an NGO then You must have a website

Communication is the key to every organization which makes its activities transparent and acceptable. On the other hand, every organization looks for perfect networking options to communicate its ideas, presence and utilities. Effective communication is the only way to fulfill the needs of networking, which is a must for any NGO.

Remember if your NGO does not have any website then you are missing out on many things that include your welfare goals that you are aiming for. Time is ripe to rethink on our presence and communication strategy.

Interestingly, there are NOGs who believe that owning one Facebook page can give them the mileage and presence they are looking for but the real story is something different.  One Facebook page without  the presence of a website can proved to be a deterrent factor for not trusting your cause and your organization.  Putting money on creating and maintaining a website can reap top-notch benefits for any NGO.

1. Websites Helps to prove your real existence and legitimize it

Grants for any NGO can come from across the world but prior to that you need to prove your existence. Presence of a website let prospecting donors, partners and volunteers to know more about the organization. Everyone will get to know your goals and social causes just in flick of a mouse or touching their smartphones within few minutes. 

2. Professional Appearance

The word ‘Professional’ does not always link with business organization but the way one does its work and represents itself in a working environment. In case of NGOs, having a website means making the appearance much more professionally fulfilling and informative thus all the information such as – process and stages of application for grants and donations, NGO history, and program details can be accessible in an organized way. All these things represent well-tuned functional organizations which enhance the value of the NGO to its prospective donors, contributors and partners.

3. Acts as an Awareness, Builder

 website multiplies the level of  awareness about your social mission to people around the world in a much faster and comprehensive manner. Moreover it will take you to your target audience more easily.  Continuous updates on various programs, schedules, and achievements can be released on a regular and permanent basis to make everyone around the world updated in a matter of minutes which in turn help to gather your support base.

4.  Website makes NGOs supporting base stronger and Donation process easier

Donations and grants are essentials for any NGO. All social activities needs financial support more strong the support is the more effective will become the activities. If as an NGO you have a website then donation process become hassle and stress free. ‘Donate Now’, ‘Add Yourself as Donor’ buttons make things easier for everyone, moreover, NGO gets the database of their donors for the need of future social causes. One can increase their volunteer base by putting a notice on the site and they can get volunteers all over the world.

JP Innovation can offer you a well-designed and functional website within your budget.  Call us or email us for more.

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